DIY Skin Care Blog

About Me

Hi! I'm Jasmin Eklund. Welcome to my DIY skin care blog, Nature.pure!

I was originally born in Sweden, and moved to the United States when I was in high school. I attended the University of Alabama, where I received a dual degree in Chemistry and Psychology as well as a minor in Environmental Science. I was also the president of Alpha Phi sorority. Go Big Al!

Today, I live in Kinston, Alabama and work as a hydrogeologist at the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. Helping to save the environment is great, but I also love saving skin! Throughout my entire life, I have been obsessed with having the smoothest and softest skin possible. I don't believe in all those expensive scammy products - I make all my skin care products myself! I started this blog to share with the world all of the tips, homemade recipes, and DIY guides that I have painstakingly created. I believe in harnessing the pureness of nature, so I only use natural ingredients on my face. I hope you learn some useful tips and routines from Nature.pure!